The VegaTest (known officially as the Vegetative Reflex Test) is, similar to the VegaCheck, a diagnostic method which can find a conclusive therapy for the concerned individual. With the VegaTest it is possible to delve deeper into any found disbalance identified by the VegaCheck.

Moreover the VegaTest can be used to determine which medication or supplements are appropriate or whether the chosen medicine works and can be tolerated by the body. In addition the VegaTest is used to detect (nutritional) allergies and/or intolerances.

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How does the VegaTest work?

The VegaTest is an electromagnetic measurement. Silver electrodes are used and pressed onto the skin gently. In principle any acupuncture point can be used for the VegaTest. In our Clinique we use the newest VegaTest device from Wegamed, the Test Express Plus.

With the device a random point in the electromagnetic field is measured (often the thumb). The response is conducted through the autonomous nervous system. The device registers a change in skin-resistance when an ampoule is introduced in the measuring circumference. If the ampoule results in a decrease of the measured value, this may be indicative of a disbalance.

The VegaTest is a method with a lot of possibilities and when operated by an experienced tester it is a reliable diagnostic tool.

What happens after the VegaTest?

Together with the doctor you will discuss the best treatment relevant to your situation based on the imbalances identified by the device. It is of utmost importance that the therapy is both effective as well as tolerable for the patient.

Moreover we reiterate the value to a holistic medical approach; Therefore we support the patients, besides with the complaint they visit our Clinique for, also with other symptoms.

The connection between certain complaints is not always recognized though often they exist. To relieve many or all complaints it is therefore important to address the root cause of the complaints as opposed to only treating the symptoms.

We discuss someone’s lifestyle and nutritional choices and provide advice on how to potentially adjust these based on an individual situation. This approach will optimize the therapy.

If you have any complaints of which no clear cause can be found, or if you are interested in a VegaTest report with regards to your established disorder, please contact our Clinique to make an appointment.

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Development of the VegaTest

Around 1950 the German doctor Voll discovered a relation between acupuncture points and the course of certain diseases in our body. Acupuncture-points are spots where more energy can be measured. He found this correlation by using a resistance measuring device. Voll noticed organ disturbances resulted in changes in the measurements.

Based on this discovery, in 1979 a different German doctor, Dr. Schimmel, developed the Vegetative Reflex Therapy. He proved that only one acupuncture-point needs to be measured for this test.

In this test a measuring circumference is created in which ampoules with different substances are inserted. If this results in a decrease versus base value, it indicates a reaction of the body and thus potential disbalances.