It increasingly occurs that people experience clear symptoms or complaints though laboratory tests do not show any morphological causes.

Often complaints such as insomnia, fatigue, and allergies are difficult to treat as it is unclear what the root causes are. This can be very frustrating for patients and can cause unnecessary stress.

Thanks to the VegaCheck patients can now be examined painlessly and easily and functional disorders can be discovered. This represents a big leap forward with regards to diagnostics. 

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How does the VegaCheck work?

During the VegaCheck six electrodes are connected to your feet, hands, and head. In four stages the device directs positive and negative impulse currents to the electrodes. The measurement consists of seven measurement trajectories and reviews each time different organs. Hence we record the energetic state of the organs and how they function.

Our many body rhythms (for example our day and night rhythm) are closely related with our metabolic processes. The VegaCheck focuses on these regulatory rhythms. A deviation in the behaviour (determined through the measurement of electrical parameters) indicates a potential disorder. These disorders are categorized by the device, which provides diagnostic information.

What happens after the VegaCheck?

The registration through the VegaCheck merely takes eight minutes. The diagnostic implications and the corresponding therapeutic suggestions are printed on paper.

The VegaCheck is suitable for an initial diagnosis and is also appropriate to monitor the progress of treatment. The doctor together with the patient will discuss the results and potential identified disbalances.

Furthermore, the VegaCheck is the optimal preliminary to the VegaTest , which can provide more details on the identified disorders. The VegaTest is also relevant to test appropriate medicines or supplements.

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If you have any complaints of which no clear cause can be found, or if you are interested in a VegaCheck report with regards to your established disorder, please contact our Clinique to make an appointment.

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VegaCheck result example

Development of the VegaCheck

More than 20 years ago in VEGA-medicine a segment electrograph was developed to register functional disorders in the body; the University of Heidelberg among more organizations conducted scientific research on this. Advanced technical possibilities ensured that in 1984 and 1988 this segment electrography could be further developed.

Thus in 1991 a device came onto the market, the VEGA D-F-M, a device that bridged academic and clinical medicine. The device was then also frequently employed among professional athletes. The diagnostics of the VEGA D-F-M were continually optimized resulting in todays’ VegaCheck.

The device produces detailed graphical indications as to where in the body there are functional disorders as opposed to for example x-rays, echo’s, or computed tomography which cannot provide conclusive results. VegaChecks especially detects disbalances and irregularities in the body of which one does not experience symptoms (yet). It is therefore a tool to work on your health from a preventive approach.