Rates and reimbursements

List with health insurances


Click here for a list with health insurance companies..

Our Clinique is member of the AVIG, the Association of Physicians for Integral Medicine and of BATC. Many health insurances reimburse our consultations and treatments (partly). For more information we refer to the website of AVIG.AVIG.

If you have a health insurance policy including alternative care you could be eligible for reimbursement. Contact your health insurance for more information or review your policy.

***Your own risk of €385,- does not need to be affected when visiting our Clinique***

Treatment Agreement

You can download our treatment agreement here.

All treatments are at own risk.

Treatment Agreement


Below you will find a rate overview of our therapies.

In case of cancellation 48 hours before the appointment, we will not charge it. With shorter notification, we will need to do so.

Rates per 1 September 2020

Initial consultation, 60-75 minutes €175,-
Repeat consultation, 30 minutes €85,-
Health- and lifestyle coaching, 30 minutes €65,- 
Colon Hydrotherapy 45 minutes 5 treatments for €550,- ( in one payment) €125,-
Hyperthermia treatment 60 minutes €225,- 
Body Detox, 30 minutes €55,-
Wet Cupping, 30 minutes €55,-
MRT per 30 minutes
MRT plus Body Detox €95,-
Hair Mineral Analysis €150,- 

We provide services with and without VAT. These are indicated in the list above. For more information please contact our Clinique.

Payment method

After the treatment you can pay cash or by tikkie. You will receive the invoice for potential declaration with your health insurance.