(anti-) Parasite treatment

Everyone is exposed to parasites. They are all around us: in our food, in the air, in water, soil, on our pets etc.

When your body has a normal functioning immune system, this is absolutely no problem. Your body destroys the parasites and eliminates them. If the body cannot do this anymore, various complaints can develop. In our Clinique we can find out whether your health issues are related to a parasite infection.    

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What complaints can be caused by parasites?

Parasites are organisms that survive at the cost of its host. They penetrate our cells, often without us noticing. If the body is not capable anymore to eliminate these parasites, several health issues can appear.

Our body can weaken due to for example lacking essential nutrients or an accumulation of toxins. That is a good environment for parasites to grow and strengthen.

Complaints that can be caused by parasites are for example:

• Infections of the intestines
• Candida infections
• Skin problems
• Depression
• Fatigue
• And many other health related complaints

To prevent or eliminate parasite infections we recommend adaptations in life-style, complemented with a systematic detoxing of the body.

What is a parasite treatment?

First of all, we determine which parasite is involved. Using the VegaTest we can distinguish between 71 different parasites.

A parasite treatment consists of a systematicdetoxingof the body and regularly cleansing of the bowels. When those are cleansed, parasites have limited to no nutrients anymore that they need to live from.

Also supplementing potential essential nutrient-shortages is important. The body is then better capable to fight the parasites as its functioning improves.

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