What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy is an ancient medical treatment that produces a local sucking effect. This stimulates the blood perfusion and promotes healing. In Cupping therapy cups are placed onto the relevant body parts. In every cup a vacuum develops which causes a sucking effect that enhances the perfusion of the tissue.

This improved perfusion allows toxins to be better excreted. Additionally, there will be an immediate alleviation of pain and stress as blockades are eliminated.

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Cupping – various techniques

Dry Cupping
Dry Cupping is a widely used method of cupping. This method applies the sucking-stimulation onto the body. Blood is sucked into the connective tissue.

The immune system is activated and moves the toxins to the lymph system. The functioning of your immune system is improved, and energy-blockades are removed.

For an optimal result it is recommended to combine Dry Cupping with a Body Detox treatment. Waste products in the areas that have been cupped can then also be eliminated via the feet. Combining Dry Cupping with a Body Detox is ideal when you do not want to have Wet Cupping.

Dry Cupping is suitable for pregnant women as well as for elderly or frail people.

Wet Cupping
Amongst the Chinese, Muslims and the ancient medical professionals the Wet Cupping method is preferred and mostly used.

During the Wet Cupping treatment (also called Hijamah) there little scratches will be made in the skin. This way it becomes possible to extract a small amount of blood with potentially damaging toxins (like the functioning of an artificial kidney).

De Wet Cupping/Hijamah methode is ideaal voor het verbeteren van de bloedcirculatie en het verwijderen van gestagneerd bloed. Het versterkt uw immuunsysteem.

Wet Cupping is recommended for improving the blood circulation and removal of stagnated blood. It strengthens your immune system. A third Cupping method is massage cupping. We do not offer this method in our Clinique.

The Cupping treatments are performed by a female therapist. 


We advise to fast three hours before the treatment. This will support the best result from the treatment. We will remind you about this when you make an appointment.

Why Wet Cupping?

A majority of all health-issues and pain can be caused by a lack of oxygen-rich blood in the affected parts of your body. Wet Cupping/Hijamah improves the blood circulation, eliminates pathogenic compounds and homeostasis is recovered.

It is important to eliminate waste-products and toxins when suffering from degenerative diseases. It allows the body to regenerate naturally.

Health-complaints that can be treated with (Wet) Cupping.

Cupping treatments can help when suffering from:

Autoimmune Diseases
Abdominal Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Elbow Pain
Weight gain
Weight Loss
Joint Pain
Hair Loss
High Cholesterol
Hormonal Imbalance
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Hyper / Hypothyroidism
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Knee Pain
Liver disease
Low blood pressure
Gastric spasms
Menstrual complaints
Menopause symptoms
Neck stiffness / pain
Nasal congestion
Bloated feeling
Hot Flashes
Excessive sleep
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Back pain
Bad memory
Muscle pain
Digestive Disorders
Tennis Elbow
Tensions in muscles

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms? Contact us and we can provide further information on whether (Wet) Cupping would be indicated and help you.

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Health and Safety

This therapy is safe and painless when correctly applied. At the initial consultation your medical situation will be evaluated and during the follow up visits this will be monitored continuously.

If you are on anti-coagulation medication (warfarine/heparine etc.) you should contact your doctor before you start Wet Cupping. When you make an appointment at our Clinique we will also review whether there are any other contra-indications. For questions please contact us.

Physiological benefits

Below you will find the physiological benefits of Wet Cupping listed:

  • Metabolism
    It eliminates chemical toxins and decreases inflammations that cause complaints like nausea, indigestion, stomach reflux, bloating, IBS, etc.
  • Blood flow
    It cleans the blood vessels that are inflamed and covered with fatty plaque and by doing so the main cause of heart disease is eliminated.
  • Immune system
    It increases the effectiveness of white blood cells and the frequency of getting a cold or infection will decrease.
  • Breathing
    It increases the oxygen level and stimulates perfusion which is combatting colds, asthma and other complaints.
  • Muscles
    It improves blood circulation by eliminating blockades. Pains can therefore decrease. Wet Cupping also improves the metabolism of glucose and oxygen. Your muscles will perform better and regenerate quicker.
  • Skeleton
    It removes stagnated blood, decreases joint-swelling and protects cartilage against further damage.
  • Skin
    The cell activity is stimulated. Inflammations, skin rashes and pimples decrease.
  • Elimination (Urine)
    It stimulates the kidney function. The level of toxins that can cause kidney stones will decrease.
  • Nervous system
    It cleans blood vessels and reinstates hormonal balance in the brain. It improves the activity of neurotransmitters.
  • Hormone system
    The excretion of hormones by various glands is better regulated and mood is improved.

Are there any side-effects?

Cupping Therapy has no major side effects. However, there are a few minor side effects that you should be aware of:

  • There can be some traces on the body parts where the Cupping was performed, like discolouring of the skin or bruises. This can remain visible during several days. The superficial scratches often disappear within three weeks and will not form any scar when cared for as advised. A rather small number of people could develop some scars depending on their skin type or when not complying with the advised after-care.
  • Some body-parts are more sensitive than others. Potentially there could be some minor pain when the scratches are administered on the skin.
  • After the treatment, it is possible that you experience a light feeling in your brain, comparable to the feeling after a blood-test.

Some patients feel warm and are sweating which is followed by a cold feeling. This is caused by the enlargement of the blood vessel and will disappear, so this is no reason for concern.

The history of Cupping

In all major Cultures and civilizations in history Cupping Therapy was applied. From ancient documents we have learnt that Cupping was used in ancient Egypt, China and the Middle East.

Cupping werd destijds uitgevoerd met metalen bekers, stierenhoorns of bamboeboomstukken. Zuurstof werd verwijderd door te zuigen. Deze techniek werd later vervangen door het gebruik van brandende kraantjes of katoen om zo de ingesloten lucht te verwijderen. Zowel Dry als Wet Cupping komt voor in de Guide to Clinical Treatment van Hippocrates. Zijn advies was om met  de behandeling menstruatieklachten, angina en andere aandoeningen te behandelen. Galen werkte ook met Cupping.

Medical pioneers like Paracelsus and Ambrose Paré described the benefits of Cupping. According to them it was a basic clinical skill doctors should have. Until the end of the nineteenth century this treatment was widely used. Currently there are several Eastern European countries that still apply Cupping therapy, like Bulgaria and other Balkan states.

Recently the interest in Cupping by public and private parties is increased also in (parts of) Western Europe. Several scientific studies are investigating the effects of Cupping therapy to try and gain more insight into the underlying mechanisms of this fascinating medical treatment that survived for ages.