Body Detox 

On a daily basis we are exposed to pollution of air, of our food and chemicals. This can suppress the immune system. The Body Detox procedure eliminates all kinds of waste products so that the self-healing capability of the body is being restored. This will make mental and physical processes in the body more efficient and increases the quality of life.

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How does it work?

You place your feet in a special footbath that generates a magnetic field. The electrolysis causes the electrically charged particles to precipitate on the skin.

The creation of an alternating positive and negative magnetic field causes a sucking effect (osmotic effect). Waste products bind to the ions of the electrolysis and are eliminated in that way. The electromagnetic field is stimulation the entire body. Organs are deblocked and the energy-level of the cells are regenerated.

Under and on the feet are many reflex-zones and meridians through which the treatment is optimally performed. The detoxing of your body works well and is easy.

The colour of the water changes during the treatment. This is caused by specific compounds precipitating from the water, and moreover by damaging chemicals and free radicals (aggressive oxygen molecules) that are eliminated from the body. The colouring of the water can change as your body is increasingly cleansed. A Body Detox treatment takes 30 minutes.


An intensive cleansing with de Body Detox provides the possibility to bring back balance and vitality in your life. The organ functions improve, and the body can better detoxify itself (auto-detoxification). This also enhances a potential weight-loss program. You will improve your energy-level and feel fit again.

Moreover, the treatment is quick, effective and simple. The bio-energetic field of the body is harmonized, and the self-regenerating power is stimulated. Free radicals, that damage healthy tissue and cause diseases, are excreted. The Body Detox will make the feeling that your body is not capable of handling the daily situations disappear and you will feel fit and re-energized. Research shows that eight to ten treatments are needed for an optimal result.

Body Detox is often combined with Matrix Regeneration Therapy(MRT) to optimize the benefit from both detox treatments.

When can it help?

The Body Detox treatment is beneficial for patients suffering from:

  • Fatigue
  • Apathy
  • Headache
  • Eczema complaints
  • Poor blood-perfusion in the skin

Also in a weight-loss program, this treatment can provide support. The benefit ofdetoxingand de-acidifying when losing weight is that you maintain your vitality and harmony in your body.

Tackle your physical complaints or support your weight-loss goals by a Body Detox treatment. Make an appointment in our Clinique.

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Detoxing with a Body Detox treatment is intensive. This is shown by the often strong colouring of the water. Per patients the colour of the water varies. Potential colours are black, brown, white, red, green and yellow.

For people suffering from epilepsy, those having a pacemaker or had an organ transplant and pregnant women we advise against this treatment.