Improving your immune system together

Clinique ImmunoTé: personalized programs for detoxing, nutritional and lifestyle- advice, achieving and maintaining good health, all combined in one Clinique.


Strengthening your immune system?

At Clinique ImmunoTé we understand that a strong immune system is the key to good health. We are happy to support you, especially during this period, to strengthen and maintain a good immune system. As specialists we have the knowledge how to do so.

Our Therapies

At the basis of our approach in our health Clinique is the power of nature and the self-healing mechanisms of our bodies. Many health complaints, especially chronic health complaints develop due to stress, acidification and the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Our therapies, from Colon Hydrotherapy to Hyperthermia focus on detoxing and purifying the body as the basis of good health.

Our approach: Working together to achieve optimal health

At Clinique ImmunoTé we respect nature. We know, also based on personal experience, that our body is part of nature and has its own healing mechanisms. Equipped with knowledge from both allopathic as well as holistic medicine, we give personalized advice and support your body to strengthen her natural immune system.

Nowadays many of the chronic medical conditions that people are suffering from are caused by stress and environmental challenges imposed to our body; consider for example the degradation of our air-, water- and food quality. These factors contribute to the weakening of our bodies’ natural defence mechanism. We offer a variety of treatments that support the bodies’ own immune system resulting in alleviation or disappearance of complaints. Lifestyle and prevention adjustments can be implemented individually. At Clinique ImmunoTé we provide specific and personalized advice; after all no human is the same.

We consider the personal health history and investigate the current health status on which we provide personalized advice and a treatment strategy.

If you would like more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us during the telephone consultation hour or via the form on the website.

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How we work

During your first visit we take the time together with you to make a complete anamnesis; we ask a series of detailed questions and confirm your wishes and needs with regards to your health. Subsequently we make a biochemical recording of your body through specialized equipment designed for this function. The device will produce a rundown of the most important disturbances and causes of stress in the body. In addition, vitamin and mineral shortages are measured as well as energy level. The outcomes will be discussed together and result in a personal treatment advice and strategy.

Colon Hydrotherapy Improves our healthVegaCheckOptimal Health A strong immune system is importantVegaTest.

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Personal Introductions:

Faye el Maknouzi, MD

I am a general physician. My goal is to bridge allopathic and complementary medicine and to approach medicine from the natural wisdom of the body. Currently I am completing an additional two-year study to become a lifestyle doctor at the Academy for Integrative Medicine.

Arthur Lemmens, MD, Natural Doctor

My training as general practitioner was with a homeopathic GP. I learned applying both approaches in practice. I opened my practice as a homeopath in the Hague after finishing that study. After 5 years I noticed that many adult patients did not benefit from homeopathic treatments. I then started detoxing patients which improved their sensitivity to homeopathic compounds and their overall wellbeing. I continued widening my horizon and have done lots of research with VegaTest and VegaCheck to explore detox therapies, amongst which Matrx Regeneration Therapy (MRT). Later I followed the study to become a natural doctor en noticed the importance of food and healthy intestines. I then started Colon Hydrotherapy. These experiences, and treatments were the basis of my practice for 35 years. After a pause of 2 years, I studied new developments and want to apply this knowledge in practice again.